Lady laments on social media cry bitterly

Lady laments on social media cry bitterly
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Lady laments on social media cry bitterly
Social media got hot when a young lady published about how she  feels towards an average Nigeria

Nigeria's are normally poor and low in mentality she claims.

She claims begins to trends with a lot of comments  from Nigerians

"Is Nigeria a wealthy country"
Nigeria is rich in minerals and  resources , together with a great economy and a fantastic global marketing relationship and numbered 27th in the world with a GDP of , and  fall  22nd biggest  purchasing power parity.

"What is the current GDP of Nigeria"
Nigeria  will be 500.00 United States before 2019 Ending , reports from Nigeria Trading Economics analysis. Report also stated that before 2020 the GDP Will rise higher up to 950 Billion .

She also said that negative nigerians who human beings assist and have No issues  however show negative response because they go the extra mile to pay back wrongfully.

With annoyance she reviewed this as she react with pains to the incidence of the twenty six years old covenant college graduate "segun afolabi"  who was killed with the assistant of his gate keeper who he has numerously provide financial help to times without numbers
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