3 Steps on How to login with gmail in blogger

3 Steps on How to login with gmail in blogger
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How to login with gmail in blogger
How to sign into Blogger step by step methods. Blogger  is an online blog distributing administration rightfully owned  by Google that enables clients to make and deal with their web journals.
You have to sign in with a Google record to utilize it, and this article will show you precisely how.

    METHOD 1:  On  How to sign  into blogger

    3 Steps on How to login with gmail in blogger

    Simple type https.blogger.com on your browser to visit blogger blogspot site
    Click sign in

    METHOD 2:  On How to login blogger with Gmail

    Follow the steps as it appears on the site to get it done correctly

    Input your login credentials E.G your user name,address to your email.

    Dont have a GMAIL ACCOUNT? Register here

    A simple Email address from gmail looks like this: [email protected]

    Than the login credentials looks like this 12345lgist , it is wise to use user name that is mix with number, figures and capital letters.

    Click next
    Please follow as it appears on in the pictures

    METHOD 3: On How to signin with gmail to blogger blogspot

    Input your password

    Once you are signed in you will be automatically redirected to blogger dashboard from there you can navigate around to get what you want 
    As you can see on this screen the dashboard of blogger blogspot page 


    registering on blogger mean you intend to start a blog , starting a blog is simply and easy of you have  digital skills 
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