How to cook fried rice step by step methods

how to cook fried rice step by step methods
How to cook fried rice step by step methods
How to cook fried rice step by step methods. Time is everything and we open some time to do some extra things in our lives so, how to cook fried rice step by step methods is our today tutorial, Anything that helps us spend less time in the kitchen, and still helps us create mouth-watering and tasty delicacy it's what some of us are all about if not all of us. So today I'm going to show you how to cook fried rice step by step methods, a mouth-watering and tasty white rice recipe that takes 10 minutes.

Before we continue the cooking process I will give you a few pointers to take note of this particular recipe whenever. how to cook fried rice step by step methods

how to cook fried rice recipes:

  • White Rice (Basmati Preferred)
  • Scotch Bonnet Peppers
  • Minced Garlic
  • Celery
  • Benito Curry Powder
  • Valley Defy Dry Spice Curry Powder
  • Red Cabbage
  • Olive Oil
  • Green Pepper
  • Green Seasoning Powder For Coloring
  • Chicken Powder

I know that I'm going to be making fried rice so in a week what I like to do, is to boil my rice and tie it off in the fridge, it makes the work a whole lot easier, it's expected virtually 70% of the stress off of the work!!!! and guess what?  guys loaded rice that has stayed in the fridge overnight or for two nights or three nights tastes better when making a bowl of fried rice so on how to cook fried rice step by step methods we are going to deal with that.

Step 1: how to cook fried rice step by step methods

Okay, so that's not the main topic for today, so to helps speed up the how to cook fried rice step by step methods making process, here I already have my Rice heated up on a medium heat machine.

Step 2: how to cook fried rice step by step methods

So What we are going to do next is just transfer some vegetable oil and let it heat up slightly, next goes the onion afterward I'll just transfer my minced garlic Astaire saute for 10 seconds then next I'll throw in my scotch bonnet peppers after which a little more in some celery as well.

Celery helps bring out the flavor and taste of the whole added recipes.

Step 3: how to cook fried rice step by step methods

Now am throwing in some carrots that are chopped as well, this together with the fried rice with our carrots, one beautiful thing I love about fried rice is the different combinations of the different colorful vegetables so this is how to cook fried rice step by step methods is a must for all housewife and chefs.

Step 4: how to cook fried rice step by step methods

It's best to pour in some spices I'm gonna be using the valley define dry spice, this particular recipe takes the taste to a whole new level, I want to do a review of this spice someday, don't worry stay in touch with this blog by subscribing on top on this blog you will find the subscription box, just enter your email and complete the subscription process to get all my latest write up.

Step 5: how to cook fried rice step by step methods

 I'll tell you all about it in my next coming article, but trust me the price is the real deal and of course I'll be using the bonito curry powder as well is Mr-McKee all right.

Step 6: how to cook fried rice step by step methods

I was also going to help color up the rice!!!! W www!!!  people are amazed this is just so gorgeous I mean this how to cook fried rice step-by-step methods recipe I'll just give this another name, so next up!!!!!! I'm going to throw in a little bit of ground pepper just to help give it some heat, remember that it is all about hot and spicy like I love my pen, now  I'm going to sprinkle some salt to just balance out all of the taste and this one puts the game best combined well.

Step 7: how to cook fried rice step by step methods

Okay, so it's time to bring in the cooked white rice now I think I'm getting an award for this how-to-cook fried rice step-by-step methods recipe.

Note that you can use parboiled rice or jasmine rice  Matty rice like a pro, basmati rice goes well also, with fried rice seasoning.

Step 8: how to cook fried rice step by step methods

Do you know that you can actually order this from Amazon stores online, Okay let's keep going add some colorful vegetables just to make it look extra pretty this is just some red bell pepper, I love my food very pretty  I'm going to be throwing in some red cabbage this looks like purple color leave I don't know why they call it red, just gonna add just a bit of it, remember not to put so many vegetables so that it doesn't have a crowd or fried rice okay!!!!!  I'm putting some white cabbage as well and then I'm just going to okay you can put some at the beginning if you don't want them to retain its vibrant colors or the crunch okay!!!!.

Yes, that's the final deal,  fried rice step by step methods are finished this will literally take about eight minutes to cook if not 10 minutes, is like I literally check the for you.

You definitely want to make this a part of your night's dinner or most especially when you don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen and you want to end up with perfect preparation. Thanks to my spies and my little curry powder for a job well done,  how can we cook this most colorful and mouth-watering fried rice without the help of. Do you have no seasoning cubes? I think adding double seasonings apart from the valley defy dry spice curry powder and some salt and a little bit of pepper will make the taste banging  I promised you that.

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I'm a big big fan of cooking and please remember to look clean and calm when cooking in the kitchen not, looking like a hot mess when you're cooking in the kitchen you can be good and calm it actually helps you achieved being a great cook. Remember to get my latest write-up directly on your mailbox you have to subscribe to my email subscription by clicking the box on top of my page, input your email and then click the subscribe button down below to subscribe. Guy's this is the best fried rice recipe in the world, for now, am out  I'm going to see you again next time with another beautiful recipe. thanks for reading how to cook fried rice step by step methods, I look forward to seeing you visit this site for more articles.

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