How To Publish A Post In

How To Publish A Post In
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How To Publish A Post Inkidblog
If you don't know how to log in to your account, read the last article. After logging in, follow this tutorial to write an article.

How To Publish A Post In 

After logging in, check the upper right corner of the page. Many links are displayed for you to select.
All blogs are links to the default page used. My blog only shows posts and pages. Click New Post to create a new post.
This will take you to the post-writing page. Enter the title and post the text.

After writing the article, you probably need to add some tags. This article is about reading, so you can add reading as a tag. You can also add the name. This allows you to easily find posts on the blog's main page.

If the post has been reviewed, click the Submit for Review link.
That's all 
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