Family Guardians On Health Benefit complete guide

 Family Guardians On Health Benefit complete guide
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 Family Guardians On Health Benefit complete guide
Sunlight promotes health and discourages disease

Disposing of Waste Materials

Proper disosal of body wastes is one of the first laws of health Today many people are fortunate enough to have running water in their homes.

Flush toilets are now replacing the more primitive types even in some rural areas. But under these circumstances what
happens to the waste materials: This modern convenience if misused can be hazardous to the health of a community in their homes.

Flush toilets are now replacing the more primitive, Some people merely run the waste water off into some near by
stream, thinking that running water purifies itselt. This is only partly true. Often whole communities are ill because of drinking water that has been contaminated by other people farther up-stream. It is not.

Price of a Happy Home

A happy home is never an accident. Someone always has to pay the price, not only in money, but also in the deeper realities of pay life. But a happy home is worth whatever it may cost. Fortunately it is not a question of money.

People who are very poor in this world's

Goods can be so happy that their joy exceeds anything that money can buy. There are others who have all that this world can offer, and yet are utterly miserable. Happiness does not depend upon the amount of money one possesses, but rather on a wholesome personality and outlook on life. To build a happy home, both parents must be prepared to get long well with each other. Their personalities must blend together.

Each must respect the rights of the other, and both must be prepared to work out their problems without quarrelling. Neither parent can expect to be right all the time. Each must be willing to give in to the other for the good of all in the home. Defects in one's own disposition or habits may have to be corrected in order to build a success.

Full and wells adjusted family relationship Both parents need to remember that the little joys, kindnesses and happy surprises really make worth while.

Many people are too self-centred to live happily together. Even when two people marry, it is often impossible for them to get along well with each other. The reason? They are so wrapped up in their own wants and whims that they cannot think of the other person.

This attitude is often unconsciously copied by the children, and so it passes on from one unhappy generation to another.

Price of a Happy Home

A happy home should be the heritage of every person who comes into this world. No child should be allowed to remain long in an unhappy home, for unhappiness can soon cause illness of both mind and body. The contented person who has been privileged to know and understand the better ways of life, and who lives sensibly, can usually enjoy the best of health, both mentally and physically.

If children everywhere were given the right kind of home training, there would be no more wars, no more crimes, and no more poverty. Almost all the problems that afflict the human race can be traced to wrong environment during childhood and youth. Proper home training develops a balanced personality. Love and understanding is the basis of home happiness.

Ance even after having left their parents to establish new homes for themselves.
Such an ideal whenever realized goes far to minimize problems of later life. True, there are those who think that life must go on according to the brutal ways of the jungle.

They claim that human feelings really do not matter. This is far from true. Man was "made in the image of God" that he might reflect the glory and love of God. Originally he was placed in a beautiful garden home, not in a cruel.

Heartless jungle with no law except survival of the fittest.


Then be completely covered to control odours and keep out flies. All the waste water from the house can then be run into the tank. As the waste materials flow slowly through these chambers, the useful bacteria or germs present in the tank bring about certain chemical changes that eventually remove danger of infection and contaminaton . To seed the proper kind of germs into a new septic tank it is

Modern septic tank with drainage pipes. Enlargement in right foreground shows how tank is designed and built.

Well to place in it a bucketful of fresh horse manure or failing this a bucketful of dirt taken from about 6 inches below the surface of the ground.

The water flowing away from a well-constructed septic tank
should be clear and odourless, but there may still be a few gem
present. One should be careful not to allow this water to contaminate his Source of drinking water, just in case the septic tank is not one hundred per cent efficient.

Other Methods of Sewage Disposal.

If you have no running water in your home, you must use some other method of disposing of body wastes. Modern chemical toils are excellent, but rather expensive. Many familie especially in rural area still depend on bore-hole latrines or pit privies, This arrangment usually consists of a small shed that stands over a pit or hole in the ground.

The pit should be at least six feet deep. It should be located at least 75 feet away from any wells or sources of drinking
water. The privy or outhouse should be well ventilated and carefully Screened to prevent the entrance of flies. The squat plate.

Over the pit should have a removable cover to keep out fies . Every few days the waste materials should be covered with chloride of lime to keep down odours and reduce the number of flies. Never permit people or animals to contaminate the ground around your home.

Your children would be endangered. Clean living is the first and most important step in the prevention of disease. When this principle is followed, the health and vitality of the family and of the nation improves. Each family must protect itself against disease. We should see to it that our neighbours also understand the importance of clean living, so that all our homes will be safe and happy.

Wise to use water that flows from some other town or village. Nor should a person run waste water into a near by stream and for get about it. Someone miles away from you may suffer through your neglect. If in doubt, be sure to boil all the water you or your family drinks.

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Every family living in rural areas should have a suitable way of disposing of waste materials, such as a septic tank.
This method was actually discovered in India many centuries ago. Modern engineers have made improvements, but the septic tanks of today still work on the same principles as did those of ancient times.

Building a Septic Tank:

The best method ot rural sewage disposal is to construct some type of septic tank. This is not difficult. Helpful diagrams can usual be obtained from government agencies such as the Directorate Health Services. In some places ready-made portable models available from sanitary engineering firms. For those who wish to construct their own, the following standard directions will give basic guidance. Dig a large rectangular hole in the ground.

Pour concrete into forms to build watertight floor and walls. It should have three compartments as shown in the picture. The top of the tank should.

 Family Guardians On Health Benefit complete guide

two types of toilet which provide for sanitation and health
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