4 ways to do an intermittent fasting

4 ways to do an intermittent fasting
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Intermittent fast

4 ways to do an intermittent fast

The best methods to do intermittent fasting, There are many different ways of doing intermittent fasting. 

The methods vary pertaining to the number of days of intermittent fasting intake and calories. Intermittent fasting includes remaining or partially of food for a certain period before eating regularly. 

Some studies suggest that this type of food can provide advantages, such as fat loss, better health and greater longevity. 

The advocator affirm that an intermittent fasting calendar is easier to wait than traditional calorie-controlled diets. 

Each person, the intermittent fasting experience is individual and different styles will adapt to different people. 

In this article, we discussed research on the most popular types of intermittent fasting and we offer tips to maintain this type of diet. 

There are several intermittent fasting methods and people prefer different styles.

So!! Continue reading to discover seven different ways to do an intermittent fast.

Intermittent fasting method one

Fast 12 hours a day, several intermittent fasting styles can be suitable for different people. The rules of this diet are simple. A person must decide every day and meet a faster window of 12 hours. 

After some researchers, fasting 10 to 16 hours can cause the body to rotate its energy fat bearings that releases ketones in the bloodstream. 

This should promote weight loss. This type of intermittent fasting plan can be a good option for beginners. 

This is because the fasting window is relatively small, a large part of the fast to sleep occurs, and the person can consume the same number of calories every day. 

The easiest way to do the 12-hour fasting is to accommodate the sleep period in the fast window. For example, a person can quickly decide between 7 o'clock. and 7.00 am, you would have to complete your dinner before 7 o'clock. and wait until 7.00 o'clock. For breakfast, but it would usually sleep in the middle. 

Intermittent fasting method two

Fast for 16 hours a day, 16 hours a day to leave an 8-hour feeding window, it is called a method 16: 8 or the Leacains diet. 

During the diet of 16: 8, men quickly 16 hours a day and women quickly 14 hours. This type of intermittent fasting can be useful for someone who has tried it for 12 hours but has no advantage. 

In this way, people generally end their dinner at 8 o'clock, then break the breakfast the next day, do not eat before noon. 

A study in mice found that limiting the 8-hour feed window protected against obesity, inflammation, diabetes,s and liver disease, even if you enter the same number of calories. Like mice, they ate, if they wanted it.

Intermittent fasting method three

Fast 2 days a week Persons in the Nutrition 5: 2 Essen Standard quantities of healthy foods for 5 days and reduce your calorie intake in the other 2 days. During the 2 days of fasting, men generally consume 600 calories and women 500 calories. 

As a rule, people in the week separate their days from fasting. For example, you can fast and Thursdays quickly and Thursdays and dine normally on the other days. Among the fast days, at least one does not have to exist a faster day. 

Diet 5: 2 is limited research, which is also known as a rapid diet. A study with 107 overweight or obese women found that calorie restrictions twice per week and continuous calorie restriction led to a similar weight loss. 

The study also found that this diet improved insulin levels and improved sensitivity to insulin among participants. A small study analyzed the impact of this style of fasting in 23 women overweight. 

Intermittent fasting method four

During a menstrual cycle, women lost 4.8% of body weight and 8.0% of their total body fat. However, these measures returned for most women after 5 days of normal food.

For alternative fasting, there are several variations of the alternative fasting plan that is captured even termite day. 

For some people, two-day speeds mean avoiding the complete avoidance of solid foods at the festival, while others allow up to 500 calories. 

For food days, people often decide to eat everything they want. One study reports that the fasting of the alternative day for weight loss and heart health in healthy and overweight adults is effective. 

Studies openly reveal the fact about the vast number 32 majority has lost an average of 5.2 (kg) pound during a surprisingly period of 9 weeks or more, intermittent fast is a fairly extreme way of intermittent fasting, and may not be suitable for beginners or people with certain diseases. It can also be difficult to maintain this type of almost long-term.

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