How to make a cinnamon herbal cocktail


Cinnamon herbal cocktail

How to formulate a cinnamon cocktail in, homemade manner. Today we are going to be talking about how to make a cinnamon cocktail, A cocktail that is full of spices and rejuvenating medication 

When we are talking about the flavorful world, cinnamon cannot be discarded from it.

The cinnamon cocktail is one cocktail you can always look out for if you are looking out for a spicy or a therapeutic cocktail that can heal wounds or solve issues that has to do with herbs, it is one of the best cocktails I can always recommend to anyone who wants to go for an herbal mixture.

A Cinnamon cocktail is highly recommended for sickle cell patients, people withstanding bone proportion, people having skin disorders, or anything that has to do with indigestion, cinnamon cocktail transpires to be the best when it comes to herb remedies.

Cinnamon has its spiritual benefits apart from its physical attributes of healing.

Have you tried a cinnamon cocktail before? If No then you need to have a trial of it. Like I said it is highly recommended for people suffering from indigestion, bone fraction, and many more.

The cinnamon cocktail is quite easy to prepare you don't need to know about mixology for you to be able to prepare a cinnamon cocktail.

The cinnamon  cocktail can be done by anybody if authorized properly, today I am going to show you how to prepare a homemade herbal cinnamon cocktail 

Cinnamon? What is cinnamon? What are the benefits of cinnamon

Where can I get cinnamon?

Answer: you can get Cinnamon from any supermarket store within your neighborhood, you can also get it from any local market.  Cinnamon is widely located everywhere is a universal healing herbal plant 

Can a sickle cell patient take cinnamon?

Answer: Yes anybody can take cinnamon according to scientific belief and analysis from top physicians around the world cinnamon can correct sickle cell patient immune system.

Can cinnamon be mixed with any liquid?

Answer: Yes, cinnamon can be mixed with any ingredient can be taken like that without mixing it with any ingredient it works fast when taken naturally. 

Can I take a cinnamon roll without mixing it with anything?

Answer:  Yes, you can take it like that without mixing it with anything like I said in the first paragraph.

Here is a simple recipe of cinnamon homemade cocktail that you can take at the office you can take it in the morning afternoon evening anytime you wish o there are no side effects in taking cinnamon at any time.

How to prepare a homemade simple cinnamon cocktail

Get a blended cinnamon root or a powder cinnamon

  • Lemon
  • Brown sugar
  • Lipton which is called black tea
  • Watermelon
  • Ice cubes
  • A blender

Now put Your Cinnamon powder or root together with two slices of lemon black tea and the Brown sugar in a bowl,  cook it for 10 minutes, then extract and enable it cool.

After cooking the above ingredients,  and letting them cool down

Get the watermelon, extract all the seed out of it  put it in a blender, blend it for like 5 minutes then scoop it into a bowl

Scope out the boiled mixed cinnamon, brown sugar black tea, and lemon adds them together with the blended watermelon stir it properly then put it back into the blender, blend it for like 5 minutes again with some cubes of ice.

Boom !!!!!!!!  Here is your homemade Herbal cinnamon cocktail, the good thing about this cocktail is its herbal treatment remedy property that can correct your immune system and also hear some serious medical illness.

Try this homemade Herbal cinnamon cocktail and thank me later.

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