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How to Remove blog Title in Blogger

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How to Remove blog Title in Blogger

How to Remove blog Title in Blogger
Simple procedures on 
How to Remove blog Title in Blogger blog title and description Newbies in the blogging industry frequently find it hard and disturbing when facing a serious dilemma with their blogs, most especially when facing the issue of how to hide blog titles and descriptions.

Another method on How to remove blogger title you can use if you don't understand this method very well, This method is as good as the one you are reading here but with a different technique

Do you know that removing the title and description of a blog post is very easy? yes, it can be wiped out temporarily with simple steps. Note: if you want to remove your blog title and description eternally then you must follow this simple method below.

How to Remove blog Title in Blogger

Method 1:

Sign in to your Blogger dashboard

Strategy 2:

Navigate into the post, click on the special blog link you intend to disable or exclude the description and title.

Procedure 3:

Beneath the Layout caption spot on the Edit button to guide to the HTML section to glimpse at the template HTML origin code. 

Technique 4: 

Look for the specific protocol line below 

A } remove the Blog Title...

Scan the HTML code for the code line #HEADER H1 on your Blog HTML source code.

As soon as you discover the code above pertained to this code : (display: none; ) within the end of the @HEADER H1 code you find on your blog code.

Input the code below

















B) Cover Post Description 

Look for #HEADER on the description of your blog HTML code source.

Input DISPLAY: NONE; in the ending code.

.Header.post.description {





Importantly: this trick can also be implied if you are interested in adding a header image code that will hide the description and title for you permanently.

Press "EDIT" on the title column element base under the page element with the left top bar.

Furthermore, upload the heading image by clicking on the left radio switch " relatively.


Click Save then witness your current blog configuration

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