How to remove the title Blogger from Blogger

How to remove the title Blogger from Blogger
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How to remove Blogger titles Blogger

    How to remove Blogger titles Blogger is a Google service for creating and publishing your blogs. 

    Every blogger site automatically includes a blogger icon, search box, and header with a series of links. 

    This Channels take up space on your blog and can conflict with your blog's design. By providing an external link, the title bar can also induce readers to leave the page.

    You can remove the title bar by editing the code that defines the blog layout. Template code and identification of the opening CSS "body" tag. 

    The content looks like this:

    Enter the following line of code just above the body tag 

    {5 body 

    How to Customize Your Blogspot CSS Blogger Template 


    By Signing in to your Blogger catalog.


     Navigated to the central page's "Layout" tab.


    Connect the "Edit HTML" link, which seems below the caption.


    Index through the HTML code template, look for the specific beginning CSS "body" tag that reads a letter that says the character letter below: 

    body {


    Enter the additional code line directly above the surface tag:

    Navbar-iframe {display: none !important;}

    Than Save it immediately 

    This Building Method allows you to inject your CSS to change the look of your blog.

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