How to prepare African Salad (Abacha)

How to prepare African Salad (Abacha)
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Africa salad recipe
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How to prepare African Salad (Abacha)
Africa traditional salad(Abacha) a native delicious Africa meal for the Igbo community  (indi Igbo) one of the most outstanding joint dessert food you will uncover in every food store in eastern Nigeria.

    This Africa salad umphokoqo in particular served as the distinguished kola nut is served to distance visitors in any part of Africa concurrently with ugba, just as who soup and starch is being served, if you want to know how to prepare who soup and starch check it out HERE which loved by numerous elderly men and woman comprising the younger ones in that region. (West African Salad) can be cooked with cassava.

    We have considered ways to prepare this delicious Africa Salad which involved obtaining tubes of cassava which is used in preparing the salad traditionally called (ugba) in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

    For those living in the rural area particularly in the village obtaining cassava would not be a problem but if you live in the city you can get it from any nearby supermarkets around your vicinity.

    How to prepare African Salad dressing (Abacha)

    • Once you can take hold of a cassava tube, wash it very well, cook it for about 30-40 minutes, afterward remove the hard brown outer layer part of it, then slice with a grater.

    • After you finished shredding it, Soak it in neat cold water, then enable it to stay overnight
    • scrubbed completely, make sure it is properly cleaned, then place it under the sun for it to dry.

    NOTE: If you reside within the city then you will need to skip this process  

    1. You can get full process cassava from any store 
    2. Have it in mind that Africa Salad is completely served with Ugba, which is traditionally called Ukpaka, the process from oil bean germs

    These germs(seeds) can be boiled for a lot of periods, chopped, properly cleaned then allow to ferment for some time you can get a complete west Africa salad book in your book shops in case you are interested in knowing more about African salad recipes

    How to prepare African Salad Ugba


    -         3-4 bits of  Abacha
    -         3 glasses of ugba/ukpaka
    -         50cl red cooking palm oil
    -         3 tablespoons grounded Caustic potash  
    -        Dry Fish/Stock-fish
    -         2 big size Onion
    -         Salt and pepper 
    -         5 tablespoons ground crayfish
    -         1 teaspoon leveled Nutmeg
    -         1 teaspoon Ogiri/Iri(traditional seasoning


    • Inside a warm water container mix, the Abacha thoroughly let's say for about 50 minutes. spout and lay down.
    • Cut your utazi leaves, place them in water wash them together with your garden eggs.
    • Spice the fish and fry it till it is dry (but not too dry)
    • Cut together your onions into ringlets.
    • Spice the pomo boil it then set aside
    • Add the potash with warm water into a cup and blend extremely and politely.
    • Add the oil and potash together(don't allow the potash to stay with it) which means you have to mix properly until it becomes yellow.
    • Put your crayfish, pepper, ground you, ugba, iru/ogiri, diced onions, to taste. Then mix very nicely.
    • Subtract your soaked Abacha and add it to the mixture and combine it.
    • Served the Abacha with your stock fish , pomo and chopped utazi together with your garden egg leaves.

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