How to prepare Owho soup


How to cook Owho soup

How to prepare Owho soup is our food recipe for today. Have you ever tasted owho soup once?

Urhobo Owho soup is a special traditional food for people who are from Delta state, it is one of the best traditional food Loved by many from Delta state.

This food is preferably served with starch, semovita, wheat, pound yam, or yellow garri which is also called Eba, It can also be served with boiled black plantain or yam. This is one of the best soups in delta state if you have not had a taste of this food before then you are missing.

How to prepare Owho soup

Below are the ingredients and how to prepare a fully cooked owho soup 

Owho soup ingredients 

1: Assorted combination and fresh fish preferably catfish

2: Ponmo  (cow skin) 

3: Red Oil(palm oil)

4:Dry Stock of fresh crayfish

6: Crayfish 

7: 1/2 cup  red Garry or Starch

8: Spicy  black pepper (to taste)

Traditional native Urhobo salt can also be added if you like is optional 

People from delta states mostly cook this soup with palm oil which is also called Banga oil.

It is the best for them because of its native aroma and fragrance. They prefer using it because it is traditional and natural.

Cooking guidance for Owho soup


*To get a better result please Cook as it appears on this site.

*Rinse and soak the dry fish to soften in hot water and leave for few minutes 

*Combine potash with a little drop of water, then leave to settle (keep it aside, you will use it later)

*Sock the dry fish on hot water, clean and remove the bones and cut into small pieces then keep aside also.

*Put the oil in a small bowl add the potàsh socked water bowl into the bow of the palm oil gently, mix as you add oil into.

NOTE: make sure the potash and oil become thick as you stirred.

Put the meat and the stockfish in a pot, boil them together with good seasoning, cook until it is soft.

Then add the dry fish, black pepper, and all the remaining ingredients into the boiling pot of soup, allow it to cook, mix.

After a few say about 10 minutes, add the garri and oil and continue stirring as it cooked together.

NOTE: do not cover as is cooked allow the the soup to evaporate as it is been cooked. 

You can cover it after you notice that the foaming has stopped.

Also note that foaming add the garri watch, closing so as not to add much garri in it 

Add garri or starch little by little until you get your does little by 

Mix extremely to the blend then remove from stove.


This soup can be served with red or white garri,stach or semovita, pounded yam wheat  it can also be served with boil black plantain or boil yam

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