symptoms of anaemia | Cause And How To prevent It


symptoms of anaemia in female

The symptoms of anaemia may include

  •  Tiredness,
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion and tiredness again. 
In most cases, the cause of anaemia is not known. However, there are some things you can do to prevent it from happening to you and to others around you. 

You can read more about anaemia in general here. This article focuses on identifying and managing anaemia in  men aged 15-34 living in the United States and the United Kingdom 

Common Symptoms of anaemia

  •  shortness of breath
  • Pale skin and a weak pulse. 
The good news is that you can prevent anaemia by eating foods high in iron, such as spinach and beans. Here is a simple guide to identifying the signs and symptoms of anaemia which will help you avoid getting this serious condition.


If you are suffering from anaemia then it’s time to get checked out at the nearest hospital. There are many different types of anaemia and it can be difficult to know if you’ve contracted it. 

To diagnose anaemia you will need to have your iron levels checked. That way you can prevent yourself from getting sick and also know if you need to start taking iron supplements immediately. 

Some symptoms of anaemia include fatigue, muscle pain, memory problems and poor reflexes.

Anemia usually manifests itself as tiredness, hair loss, pale skin and a slow metabolism. It can be hard to pinpoint the cause of anemia because there are so many factors affecting your health. However, there are a few clues that point to poor circulation as the cause of your lack of energy and subsequent exhaustion. 

Let's look at some common symptoms of anaemia and how you can prevent its complications so you can stay energized throughout the day

There are signs and symptoms of anaemia. It means there is a lack of oxygen carrying nutrients to the body tissues. Without enough oxygen the body cannot produce energy. 

Without enough nutrients in the blood stream the muscles will become weak and stiff. The symptoms will depend on who you are or what you have eaten recently as well as whether you are an adolescent or adult.

Though anaemia is not fatal it can become fatal if not treated promptly which is why awareness of its symptoms are so important especially among those who are in poor health or suffer from chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

The symptoms of anaemia are easy to identify – pale, slow, tired and irritable skin are all characteristics of the condition. However, anaemia can appear anywhere from day to day and even from hour to hour in some individuals. 

With reliable QuickCare Mobile app (google play or Apple store), you will be able to monitor your progress through the day, identify glucose levels and take the necessary steps to optimize your treatment plan should you decide to visit a doctor.

The symptoms of anaemia can vary depending on the type of anaemia being experienced. Some forms of chronic anaemia are easy to diagnose and treat, while others require specific treatment to prevent their progression. 

Because anaemia can be so quickly and dramatically manifested in someone, knowing the symptoms is essential in order to identify and manage the disease.

There are many possible causes and symptoms of anaemia. The main symptom is fatigue. Fatigue will usually improve when you are eating enough food but some people are still affected by this. 

Make sure you are eating enough even when you feel unwell or unwell just mean that you are exercising more. Try consuming plenty of cooked train vegetables, potatoes, rice and other foods containing iron; also drink plenty of filtered water, orange juice, milk and other foods containing calcium.

Problems with your digestion, such as anemia, can be caused by a number of different problems. This can include a virus, bacteria or a type of blood infection. The most common cause of anaemia in children under five is wasting caused by lack of iron. Symptoms of anaemia in adults include tiredness, dizziness, reduced ability to concentrate and blurred vision.

Anemia can cause an array of problems for a person. Whether a person are going through flu season or suffering from some other medical condition that causes fatigue, anemia can significantly affect a person's ability to work. 

While symptoms of anaemia can sometimes be treated or avoided entirely, it is important to seek medical attention if you are suffering from anaemia because without treatment, you could be at risk for lasting complications and disability.

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