Tokopedia Scholarship At BINUS University In Indonesia

Tokopedia Scholarship At BINUS University In Indonesia
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University of BINUS Indonesia
    About BINU University 

    The Nusantara University of Indonesia (Also called BINUS) is one of the best private universities in Indonesia at the moment. The campus is located at Hayam Wuruk street, Bandung, West Java - Indonesia. 

    It has two main buildings and other buildings in other places such as Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. The other name for BINUS is Also called BINA

    The Nusantara University of Indonesia was established in 1969 with the name STIE Nusantara. In 2010, it changed its name to BINUS University. Now BINUS University has 11 faculties. 

    BINUS University has 3 campuses including Campus UE (Undergraduate), Campus DH (Duke Home), and Campus KH (Kemang Home) 

    Nusantara University of Indonesia (UPNUI) or BINUS is a private university in Indonesia, based in Serpong, South Tangerang, Banten. It was established on 16 October 1959 as Binusian Islamic Association (ASBINUSIA), it changed its name to Binus University on 1 July 1967. In 2001 the university changed its name again to Nusantara University of Indonesia 

    In a nutshell, BINUS University has campus centers, which are spread across six cities in Indonesia. Besides having prospective students all over Indonesia to avail of its courses, BINUS also has numerous international students (especially from India) who make up between five and ten percent of the student populace. 

    Each year in November, there is an International Education Fair held at BINUS University. At this event, prospective undergraduate students and graduate students alike are brought together with the representatives of different schools at the university for an introduction to BINUS. 

    Nusantara University, or BINUS, was founded in 1983 as a private university and continues to offer the best of both worlds: the highly appraised high-quality private education and affordable price. 

    The Nusantara University of Indonesia (NUI) is a private non-profit university established by the Yayasan Nusantara Foundation on December 10, 1992. 

    It was granted an operating license from the Minister of Education and Culture through the Coordinating Ministry of Higher Education Institution number SO262/Men/1993 dated March 30, 1993. 

    This license is valid through March 30, 2002. Dr. Sutarno is the founder and first president of the Nusantara University of Indonesia. 

    Why you should choose BISU University

    This university provides minds blowing programs that enable students to choose options and make choices of any program they want. 

     This is a university where students have the freedom to choose a stream of study from various available programs. That is why the university has established a student support care group that guides academic and personal development. With their help, students can meticulously work towards their desired degree. 

     The University offers a plethora of programs enabling students to have more options in their academic journey. The quality of education that is provided by the university makes a difference. 

     The university provides this option so that students can make their decisions in such a way that they feel good and comfortable with. They do not have to follow a conventional path of going for the same program which could be a degree program or other certifications. People are given the option if they want to get the basic level of what they are pursuing, or if they want something simple. And this university helps in doing that. 

     The university is a good center where students can get enough time to learn with hands-on experience and this helps to enhance their competence. 

     Students and partners can make their way through the world around them by joining this university in one of its featured programs. Its innovative liberal arts curriculum challenges students to develop minds that can make informed choices based on a broad range of knowledge. 

     The University of Georgia's high-quality degree programs and state-of-the-art technologies provide a world of opportunities for students. 

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