How effective are herbal products in premature ejaculation?

 How effective are herbal products in premature ejaculation?
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premature ejaculation?

Saying that one of the most common sexual problems is premature ejaculation, Uro-Andrology Specialist Prof. Dr. Halim Calligrapher told the known wrongs. Giving information about the treatment methods, Prof. Dr. Calligrapher said, "Permanent improvement can be achieved with personalized treatments. Many people turn to herbal products, but this can cause complications such as allergic reactions, penile rash, itching, burning, swelling, edema, loss of s9xual function. "I recommend that you do not treat yourself with products. S9x therapy gives you the chance to control reflexes, especially when used with drug treatments," he warned.

We aim to make the person self-confident

Emphasizing that the distress is treated permanently, Prof. Dr. Calligrapher said, "The important thing is that the person's self-confidence in ejaculation control is permanently restored. This is the main goal of our treatment. We apply a combination of personalized medicine, s9xual therapy, and a muscle exercise program. Of course, if there is an underlying erection problem, we need to treat it together. Here, too, the calligrapher said. The development of the vascular and nervous systems in the region gives successful results. On the other hand, we teach to work the muscles that control ejaculation and to delay it gradually with homework in sexual therapy.

In computerized systems, we make the person do exercises to contract correctly, to relax correctly, and to contract and relax at the time you want and at the intensity you desire in the advanced stages. Thanks to this computerized system, we eliminate the risk of working for the wrong muscle groups and not achieving the results you want. This is how the self-confidence was restored after the treatment premature ejaculation The probability of recurrence of the complaint is extremely reduced," he said.

A common problem of couples

Stating that premature ejaculation lowers the self-confidence of the man and causes feelings of shame and anxiety, Prof. Dr. Calligrapher said, "However, premature ejaculation is actually a common problem of the couple. Sexual problems turn into relationship conflicts. Treating them is extremely necessary not only for the quality of their sexual life but also for the quality of their relationship."

Treatment methods

Stating that antidepressant drugs have been used in treatment for many years, Prof. Dr. Calligrapher said, "After 2-3 weeks of regular use, it reaches a certain blood level and begins to delay ejaculation. There may be an extension of 2 to 8 times in time. Creams-gels-sprays containing anesthetic substances are probably the oldest treatment method applied in premature ejaculation. However, these drugs should be applied 10-30 minutes before sexual intercourse. 

When excessive doses are used, side effects such as numbness in the penis, pleasure, difficulty in stimulation, poor quality erection may occur. It is possible to prolong ejaculation time in men who have performance problems with the use of erectile dysfunction drugs. Despite this, if premature ejaculation continues, then other treatment methods are applied.

Stating that many people turn to herbal products, Prof. Dr. Calligrapher said, "However, it can cause side effects. Complications such as allergic reactions, rash on the penis, itching, burning, swelling, edema, loss of sexual function may occur. Therefore, I definitely recommend that you do not treat premature ejaculation by yourself with these types of products. Sex therapy, especially with drug treatments. When used, it gives the chance to control reflexes. 


With behavioral homework, patients learn to exercise the muscles, gradually delaying ejaculation. The use of condoms can cause a slight change in penile sensation in men, resulting in a slight increase in ejaculation time. However, it is not as successful as other medical treatments.

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