What risks does Jeff Bezos face when flying into space?

What risks does Jeff Bezos face when flying into space?
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What risks does Jeff Bezos face when flying into space?

Billionaire Jeff Bezos' 11 minutes into space is not absolutely safe for those who are looking forward to space trips. Traveling around the world is as old as Earth, billionaires are now turning to space travel. Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark Bezos will be the next to make this unique journey, even if they are not astronauts.

The two will take a ride called New Shepard, a spacecraft that takes off and lands vertically ascends to an altitude of 100km above sea level and begins to enter zero gravity. 

Summarizing the process, the booster will take the two into space and the passenger cabin separates, giving the Bezos brothers a brief glimpse of Earth's great beauty. 

After that, the cabin falls to a certain height will automatically deploy the parachute to reduce altitude and land at a predefined location.

Where is the risk?

The New Shepard is a fully automated passenger ship, without a driver, and has never had an accident in 15 previous test launches. But that does not mean absolute security.

Space flights are not subject to the same strong friction with the atmosphere as when landing back on Earth. When returning to the blue planet, the New Shepard spacecraft is now subjected to a pressure of up to 4.5 Gs (equivalent to 158km / s) while the temperature outside the ship reaches 1,926 degrees Celsius. 

The speed and pressure in Earth's atmosphere make it impossible to live at 15km above sea level without spacesuits, while the Bezos brothers are above 100km. 

What is the risk Jeff Bezos faces when flying into the sky? Simulate the take-off and landing of the New Shepard with two passengers Jeff Bezos and Mark Bezos. 

Of course, the cruise ship keeps the passengers safe inside, as long as the pressure remains. New Shepard is also designed as an emergency ejection compartment system for passengers to escape like in American action movies. Another safety feature helps the cabin land safely even when the parachute system does not deploy.  However, there is no guarantee that all of these functions will work 100% correctly. Although flights in low-altitude orbit are less risky than those in Earth's orbit, there is still the possibility of death.

What is the risk Jeff Bezos faces when flying into the sky? The Bezos brothers were tired of traveling on Earth. One such accident happened in 2014 with Virgin Galactic's ship. The co-pilot then tried to activate the rudder system to balance gravity. But unfortunately, the rudder created drag causing the ship to be torn into pieces and killed a pilot.

Jeff Bezos' company Blue Origin has never had a similar accident, but as industry insiders often say: space is infinite. Bezos has to accept possible risks and in this case, the 57-year-old billionaire feels it is worth it.

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