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Beware of Diabetes in #WDD

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Beware of Diabetes in #WDD

Beware of Diabetes in #WDD
 Beware of Diabetes in #WDD

As every November 14, World Diabetes Day is celebrated (on Twitter: #WDD) as a wake-up call on an important issue without stopping working during the remaining 364 days of the year in favor of diabetes prevention and improving the care of patients with diabetes.

On this occasion the motto is "Beware of diabetes"  because a large number of people have not yet been diagnosed, and for this reason, in this campaign, early diagnosis is promoted, informing and recommending to carry out the early detection test (Findrisc Test) and know the care to prevent diabetes ( I take care of myself and I take care of diabetes ).

Beware of Diabetes in #WDD
 Beware of Diabetes in #WDD

Throughout this week in Extremadura, various events will be held, including the XXIII Cultural Information Day on Diabetes, organized by the Cultural Association of Diabetics of Zafra "Antonio Morales Toro", with various events from November 14 to 20, and the celebration of the XIV Congress of people with diabetes in Extremadura in which the celebration of World Diabetes Day will take place. organized by FADEX (Federation of Associations of people with diabetes of Extremadura) and the Cultural Association of Diabetics of Mérida, whose program I leave you in case it is of your interest.

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