Coconut Oil Nutritional Health Benefits

Coconut Oil Nutritional Health Benefits
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Coconut Oil Nutritional Health Benefits
Coconut Oil Nutritional Health Benefits 

Coconut oil is packed with nutrients and beneficial fats.  These fats help improve digestion, promote hair growth and even reduce cancer risk.  In addition to tapping into the metabolic process of fat burning, coconut oil enhances immunity and fights back against viruses and fungi.  It is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin E which help protect cells from free radical damage.  It is recommended by the Center for Science in New York State. Research shows that women who consume 1 tablespoon per day of coconut oil have five times fewer cancer cells than those who don't.

Though this product has been in existence for centuries, many are unaware of the health benefits associated with this ingredient. Today, coconut oil is used all over the world for a variety of purposes including skincare products, toothpaste, and cosmetics.  It's also an ingredient in some fragrances, conditioners, and even shampoos.  It helps in removing day-to-day dirt and cholesterol from the body thus helping you fight off colds, flu, and even the common cold. It is impossible not to benefit from the health benefits of coconut oil. 
In fact, it is one of the most important steps to follow in order to keep healthy and fit, as well as reduce hair fall.  It contains essential vitamins and nutrients which make it an excellent product to nourish the scalp and hair.  In addition, regular use of coconut oil shampoos, conditioners, and anti-frizz items, can help to improve your overall skin health and make it appear healthier. The health benefits of coconut oil couldn’t be more exciting. In the past, many people believed that eating coconut oil would cause low digestion or other problems in the body.  However, many modern scientists have tested this and have proven that eating coconut oil does not increase the risk of any health condition.

There are numerous health benefits associated with this edible oil and eating some every day can help reduce various health issues.  But coconut oil is not solely for curing your health problems because it can also be beneficial for many other things in our lives.  You may have heard about the benefits of coconut oil or maybe you have a friend who is already using it on a regular basis.  Regardless of where you started with coconut oil, Coconut oil is being touted as a possible cure for everything from heart disease to obesity, high cholesterol, and even cancer. 

Making the switch from conventional medicine to healthy fats such as coconut oil can be daunting but it's a worthwhile venture if you are looking for healthier alternatives to the margarine and hydrogenated oils that are widely found in supermarkets.  Here are ten health benefits of coconut oil we think you should know about: Coconut oil is very helpful in curing many illnesses and improving general health and wellness.  It contains vitamins A and D3 which promote the growth of healthy cells, prevent cell aging and help heal cuts, bruises, burns, bee stings, and other injuries. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil can help heal infections such as colds and flu. It's also beneficial for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Coconut oil has been used for thousands of years to help those in developing nations who are poor and struggling to survive.  Its health benefits extend far beyond the health of the heart and brain. 
It is believed by some cultures that the day begins when a person takes a bite of coconut.  It can start the day right with increased energy, improved skin complexion, improved digestion, and increased overall well-being. Coconut oil has been used for centuries in the Ayurvedic and homeopathic world for its many positive physiological effects.  This oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are absorbed well by the body and promote fuel efficiency. 

Medium-chain triglycerides are also best absorbed if used within twelve hours of consumption. 
Because of its ability to promote fat loss while decreasing cholesterol levels, a Ketogenic Diet (a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb diet) is extremely effective in eliminating LDL cholesterol levels while simultaneously increasing HDL cholesterol levels.  The best MCTs are those with high levels of medium-chain triglycerides. Coconut oil contains more than peanut butter. 

It's full of antioxidants and minerals that keep your heart healthy.  It lowers cholesterol levels and lowers blood pressure by lowering bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol.  It improves digestion and can even help prevent colon cancer.  Now, you might be wondering how you can use such a healthy, delicious product as coconut oil in your cooking.
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