Data masking for Salesforce

Data masking for Salesforce
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Salesforce Data Masking

Data masking for Salesforce
is an integrated solution for anonymization, redaction and data replacement. It offers a flexible and dynamic approach with a high-level of flexibility for the individual configuration of your data format mapping and anonymization rules, while still automatically applying DLP policies in accordance to customer-specific business processes. Using Advanced Data Masking for Salesforce will help to ensure that personally identifiable information (PII) is not stored in Salesforce and/ or exposed in public cloud storage.

We get it. You want to protect your data. And if the data is in Salesforce, you can use Rapid Data Masker to mask and anonymize any type of sensitive data, including names, addresses and Social Security numbers. No need to wait for masks to be added or export your data. Now it's easy to protect your data! Simply drag and drop the files you want to mask into the log file and submit. Secure your data and protect your company with Data Masking. Data masking for Salesforce helps you meet the needs of ever-changing compliance mandates by masking production data, enabling you to run tests on a "test" copy without disturbing production data. Data masking sales force  also offers additional security benefits, such as preventing accidental disclosure of sensitive data and protecting the identities of customers and employees.

Data Masking is a unique software that was created by DBSecurity team. Its primary purpose is to provide end-user, database administrator, and developers with a set of tools that will be used for data masking. The best way to describe Data Masking is a process that helps you hide your primary data from the non-authorized persons, which allows them to use your applications without actually seeing the real data. Data Data masking for Salesforce is the ability to scramble sensitive data in a way so as none of its meaning, significance or aggregation can be gained from reverse engineering. This scrambling is not reversible and does not rely on encryption methods to prevent unscrambling. Not only this but you can also control the sensitivity of the data and create users or groups who can see certain masked data with its original value.

Cloud mask Reviews 

Cloudmask is an enterprise solution for securely accessing, sharing and managing sensitive data in cloud applications using role-based policy. The solution offers more flexible and comprehensive security for both structured and unstructured data and enables enterprises to comply with data privacy and confidentiality rules currently being enforced by regulatory bodies.

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CloudMask is a niche Internet software company founded in 2013 and located in San Diego, California. Our vision is to provide the best user interface and experience for cloud-based sales, marketing and support tools that businesses can utilize right on their own websites.

Salesforce Data Masking is a cloud-based application that provides organizations the ability to quickly and easily mask data using a drag-and-drop interface. With the Salesforce Data Masking application, organizations are able to prepare data for use in development and testing while leveraging existing corporate security policies. Data Masking enables you to protect and secure sensitive or confidential data in your environment while enabling the business to use that data for legitimate business purposes. Data masking is performed on one or many objects at once, and multiple records can be masked in one operation across a single or multiple Salesforce databases without affecting existing relationships, permissions, field types or record ownership. Unlike encryption, masking retains the original data so that it may be restored in the event that a change of circumstance necessitates its release for use by legitimately authorized users.

With Salesforce’s data masking functionality, you can safely and securely represent sensitive information in your organization’s transactional data, without impeding access to the relevant data for those who need it.

The latest version of the most popular data masking solutions for is now available. This solution securely anonymizes and resolves sensitive information in your organization, while adhering to the strictest compliance requirements.

The Salesforce Platform has the data you need to run your business, but with all this data comes the risk of exposing customer or employee information. Pathfinder Shield solves this issue by providing an audit-ready application that automates the masking of personal identifiable information (PII) through a drag-and-drop interface. With it's built-in support for field-level workflow automation, Salesforce Shield is the intelligent way to mask PII from your production environments.

Data Masking is a process for securing and protecting sensitive information. Data Masking allows you to secure sensitive data so that it cannot be detected by humans or applications. this sensitive data protects your organization from intentional or unintentional disclosures of confidential and proprietary information.


Salesforce Data Masking is the cornerstone of our Data Protection Platform, which offers robust data masking to prevent direct or indirect disclosure of confidential data.

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