Insurance penalty for the perfect driver

 Insurance penalty for the perfect driver
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Insurance penalty for the perfect driver
 Insurance penalty for the perfect driver


The compensation for loss of value received from insurers by vehicle owners who have no fault in traffic accidents is reduced. Citizens will suffer greatly.

AKP deputies added the regulation on compulsory traffic insurance, which will make the citizens who have withdrawn in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey aggrieved and the insurance companies rich, to the bill in the Parliamentary Justice Committee this time. If the proposal is passed by the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and becomes law, millions of citizens whose sales value has decreased due to the accident will either not receive any compensation from insurance companies or will receive incomplete.


With the article added to the Execution and Bankruptcy Law proposal in the Commission, the term 'usability level' was added to the 'depreciation compensation' account to be paid to vehicle owners who are not at fault in traffic accidents. In the current system, when your vehicle is hit by another vehicle from behind, the other party's compulsory traffic insurance covers your repair costs and also pays for your vehicle's loss of value due to the accident. This depreciation is calculated according to the decrease in the second-hand value of your vehicle in the current regulation. For example, if a vehicle whose market value was 100 thousand dollars before the accident fell to 92 thousand dollars after the accident due to paint or changed parts, the entire loss of 8 thousand dollars is paid to the owner of the vehicle. It doesn't matter if the vehicle is old or new.


However, when the expression 'usage level' is added, the age and mileage of the vehicle will also be included in the calculation, and this time, the owner of the vehicle without any fault will be able to receive compensation of 2 thousand dollars, for example, despite the loss of 8 thousand dollars. Owners of vehicles with high mileage exceeding 165 thousand kilometers will not be paid even a penny. The Constitutional Court canceled this account due to the victimization of the citizens.


With the new regulation, the greengrocer, butcher, and tradesmen who accidentally entered the grocery store will not be able to get the money from the insurance companies for the period when they could not work due to the renovation. Likewise, taxi drivers, dolmuş drivers, bus drivers, and truck drivers, even though they have no faults, will not be able to claim from the insurance company the loss of business and earnings due to the accident. It was expressed in the parliamentary meetings that the AKP deputies wanted to provide concessions to the insurers with this arrangement and that in a sense, it would pave the way for capitulations.

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