"Spare me your crocodile tears" Piers Morgan slams Chrissy Teigen?


Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has slammed Chrissy Teigen after she publicly apologized for her old Twitter comments.

Several celebrities accused the model, 35, of trolling. Courtney Stodden revealed the vicious messages she had received from the star in the past, while designer and Project Runway contestant Michael Costello also alleged that the mum-of-two accused him of being racist.

Chrissy apologized, admitting she "was a troll, full stop".

The statement was met with a mixed response from fans, with some claiming she was "only sorry she’s been exposed".

Piers has now written a column, slamming her apology. In it, he branded her the "worst kind of shameless, duplicitous woke celebrity".

The former Good Morning Britain host penned: "So, like everything else in Chrissy Teigen’s warped world, her mea culpa yesterday was a lie, a sham and deliberate attempt to con the world into thinking she’s a nice person. She’s not and never has been."

He compared Chrissy to two other women he's been known to troll mercilessly - Jameela Jamil and Meghan Markle. He questioned why Chrissy "deserves a second chance to prove she’s changed" after her tweets emerged.

He wrote: "She never apologized for any of her hateful tweets until they were unearthed, and she never showed an ounce of compassion or forgiveness to any of her myriad victims that she so relentlessly hounded and tried to ruin. Quite the opposite – she told them she wished them dead.

"So, sorry Chrissy – but spare me your pathetic crocodile tears."

He added: "I don’t like cancel culture, because in most cases the victims of it don’t deserve to be canceled. But in your case, it couldn’t happen to a nastier hypocritical bully."

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