Terrific finding in Corona virus drug: It prevents deaths

Terrific finding in Corona virus drug: It prevents deaths
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Terrific finding in Corona virus drug: It prevents deathsTerrific finding  in Coronavirus drug: It prevents deaths

The test results of the Covid-19 drug developed by the US-based biotechnology company Regeneron were shared with the public. It has been stated that drug therapy significantly reduces mortality rates. Against the coronavirus epidemic, which caused the death of almost 4 million people worldwide, scientists continue to work at great speed to develop drugs.

The good news came from England today after it was determined that the coronavirus drug developed by AstraZeneca had no visible effect yesterday. Officials examining the trials in England of the coronavirus drug developed by the US-based company Regeneron announced that the developed drug provides great protection. Explaining that about 10,000 patients who had difficulty breathing were involved in the study, experts also stated that one-third of them could not produce antibodies. In the study, it was stated that the drug reduced death among these patients by 20 percent.

However, scientists stated that the production of a single dose of the drug is costly and very difficult to produce, and announced that the price per dose is around 1200-2200 dollars. The former president of the USA, Donald Trump, also used some of this drug, which he caught Covid-19 last year.


Professor Sir Martin Landray, from the University of Oxford, who conducted the research, said, "For the first time, we see that an antiviral treatment saves the lives of Covid-19 patients treated in hospital." While it was stated that two different types of antibodies produced in the laboratory were developed in Regeneron's drug, it was announced that these antibodies attacked the virus and cured the disease.

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