"rainbow kiss" definition and meaning

"rainbow kiss" definition and meaning
If you have ever overheard your friends or acquaintances say "rainbow kiss" and wondered what it meant? The goal of today's piece is to debunk some common misconceptions about the term "rainbow kiss." What exactly is it that you're kissing about?

What does it mean to kiss a rainbow?

Rainbow kissing would appear to be a childlike expression, even though it is actually a grownup term for a unique sort of emotional relationship between parties. A rainbow kiss occurs when a lady on her period kisses some other participant, who is generally men. After having oral sex with her, he gets blood in my tongue. She then engages in sexual acts with them. Certain women appreciate rainbow kissing in the sixty-ninth sitting following intercourse when others appreciate it in reverse. It is up to each individual to determine their sexual preferences. Some enthusiasts believe that mingling blood and sperm results in a rainbow color, hence the moniker "rainbow kiss."

"rainbow kiss" definition and meaning

Because some people find these bedtime experiments to be too excessive for their liking, several people are clueless about what a rainbow kiss is. Others, on the other hand, think it's just a harmless way to upgrade their personal desires. In any event, this is really a fairly new hobby, and you'd be learning of it for the first moment.

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