how to navigate YouTube to get best result

how to navigate YouTube to get best result
how to navigate YouTube to get the best result
To navigate YouTube to get the best result You have all the options to search by audio, copying text snippet, and/or by a collection of data. Watching videos on your universal search engine Google Home and Google Assistant are universal search enabled devices with built-in web and app web search abilities.

These enable streaming Internet content directly to the devices from a single service provider without having to download anything and pay any fees that may accompany a full download of local content.

As you may have noticed, those with smart speakers or even mobile phones with web search capabilities have the advantage of also being able to watch the videos through the speakers/phones where available.

Watching the YouTube videos on the Wrist

To watch/listen to YouTube Play videos, it is very useful to use a smartwatch, laptop, or desktop device with web search enabled.

  • Use “YouTube” or “Videos” from the main "YouTube" app.
  • Search the query URL, listen to the relevant audio description for your query.

Due to the nature of describing and describing by text (power words) in searching multiple documents from a database, it is absolutely necessary to sign out of Google accounts, disable cookies and other forms of private data stored in the browser, and sign in to the respective proper accounts before performing any such searches.

Listening to the context and receiving the URL using smartwatches is, in fact, an always-available form of natural language searching and since is always available and supported by the app store (Android and iOS app stores), is one of the simple OCR technologies.

Listen to related content and/or review relevant videos.

  • Search by comparing categories and languages.

Listening to context and receiving the URL using smartwatches is, in fact, an always-available form of natural language searching and since is always available and supported by the app store (Android and iOS app stores), is one of the simple OCR technologies.

  • Verify documents should be signed out and, if possible non-personalized.

Identify and bookmark videos by searching for the suggested names and descriptions by searching in the context of the brand name.

Listening to music ( videos or audio recording) is also a powerful way of processing text, text by itself, for quick retrieval and identifying relevant information.

Listening to the context and receiving the URL by searching for the recommended names and descriptions in the context of the artist, song, album, etc... or discover by trawling the web and checking the description of Wikipedia.

This is the first new feature that debuted in Google My Business that provides historical watch metrics and complete watch history.

Remember, YouTube is a video-hosting platform. The main reason that you need to use it to type in the query is that many smartwatches have Siri or Voice Command integrated. If you are able to type via voice command, the YouTube website will load in your browser, but you need to keep the link to YouTube open for a better experience. A better visual is the following video by Justin Briggs showing some of the features to search by Youtube watch or date in Google search.

Watch or date in Google's search: "How old is Stephen Hawking"

History, there is a special type of history that I want to refer you to. The YouTube app on your mobile device will connect to a central repository at which basically combines all the video content from YouTube and all of the watch channels into one commonplace. This means that you can view the history of any YouTube videos that relate to you. For example, if you've created a watch channel about Stephen Hawking, all of your video upload histories are available in one place and you can easily compare them to your current watch history. automatically syncs all of the past watches and upload data from all of your YouTube channels, and it is one of the features to search Time or date in Google's SERPs.

How to upload and download your videos’ watch and upload history:

Steps to upload and download YouTube videos videos' upload history and metrics

  •  Firstly, select the “Upload” option when you’re on the main website page of YouTube YouTube.
  •  Click the “Settings” option in the top right corner and choose the recording and metrics you want to send a signal.
  • Choose the audiovisual option by selecting either “Audio” or “Video” and click the button to start. If you choose “video”, you’ll be asked to choose “Then video to...”.
  • Select the criteria you want to upload and select the desired video size. Note that you can choose 135, W, A, V, etc., to upload videos in specific formats.
  • If you want to restrict the embed codes, select the third tab at the bottom of the box and enter the following code. You can reference it again in your upload settings later.

. Video thumbnail URL:

. Video thumbnail video file format: (works for both iPhone and Android)

. YouTube domain:

To see your watch video playlists by date, you need to transfer your watch files into real playlists. This feature is not available in the YouTube web app.

Search Youtube search history(s) by tools

Please note: Sometimes video uploads or uploads shown in Youtube searches are not real searches. In these cases, video thumbnail also does not refer to complete film/tv show search history but to product search results.

How to search YouTube videos for specific keywords by tool?

To search by date, download previous version(s) of videos you’ve watched or uploaded to your watch or playlists. For example, you can download the version of your videos from November 1, 2016, to November 30, 2016, for SEO PRO Users or November 3, 2016, to November 30, 2016 version for Non-SEO PRO Users. You can download a complete or just a specific date range. The better you find the date range you need, the faster your process.

  • On the “YouTube History” page, click the “To download videos to your computer” link. The download option is only available for watched videos.
    how to navigate YouTube to get best result

Search decade by decade using a search query. For example, search the decade from 2000 to 2010 using the parameter ‘20+’. For example, search the decade from 2000 to 2010 with the query ‘20,20,10’.

In the “Search History” tab, you can search by decade instead of by date. To do so select the desired decade and click ‘search by decade’

You can search backward to find the beginning or to view videos from a different decade.

In the “Search History” tab, you can also search by author. To do so select the desired author and type their profile name into the search box. You will see a screen like this: 

Video categories and subcategories search. Go to the “YouTube Profile” tab and check the box “Show search box for all video uploads”.

 You can search by alphabetical order with the parameter ‘order:’ or by keyword with the ‘keyword:’ and ‘filters’ parameters. For example take the name of an artist you like to watch videos uploaded by as ‘order: Justin Bieber’.

how to navigate YouTube to get best result

While you can not search by date in the “Search History” tab, it should be added to the search query. You can search by date, creator, title, hashtag, etc.

YouTube filters

Also the “Filters” tab in the “Search History” offers you an opportunity to apply filters according to your list of search terms. Filters can be visible on all pages of the ‘Search History’ page. Check the necessary filters.

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