How Many Email Users Get Junk Mails Daily?

Junk Mails
How Many Email Users Get Junk Mails Daily?
You can't remember the last time you received an email that actually made you happy. You have been checking and reading your email too much, which makes you anxious and frustrated.

That's why you need Email check softwares to keep you in check, it’ll let you be the first to know about what matters. It’s going to stop all those unimportant emails from infiltrating your inbox, to give you more room for what matters. It’s going to deliver only what matters, every day. So go ahead, try it free and see how much it matters to you.

Every day, people are bombarded by hundreds and thousands of emails that they receive. Imagine, if you could reduce the number of emails you receive every day, what a difference that would be. That is why we email regulator platforms that will help you manage and reduce the number of emails that you receive every single day. You won't be annoyed by the number of emails in your inbox anymore.

Here are some numbers to show how email dominated our lives and became the world's most popular communication channel for more than a decade.

How Many Email Users Get Junk Mails Daily?
How Many Email Users Get Junk Mails Daily?

One in five Internet users checks their email every day. The average person receives 121 emails per day (2010). That's 125 billion emails sent every day and around 4 trillion mailed monthly.

Five million emails are sent every second! Most people receive an average of 41,000 emails in their lifetime (2014). That makes a total of 20 trillion emails that will be sent over that lifetime. Click here to see a fancy graphical representation of the above statistics. 

A few years ago I started wondering how many people are actually using email at all. It's a wonderful technology that has changed our lives beyond recognition, yet it seems like a huge number of people don't check their email accounts on a daily basis and prefer to use social networks or other instant messaging services instead.

How Many Email Users Get Junk Mails Daily?
How Many Email Users Get Junk Mails Daily?

A study by the Radicati Group showed that in 2012 there were an estimated 3,271,827,918 internet users worldwide and 2,817,810,552 email users worldwide. When you include Facebook you will find there are more Facebook users than both of them combined.

Thanks to tools such as Outlook and smartphones, email has become even more versatile than it was 20 years ago. Yet, people are still trying to figure out how to handle the sheer number of emails that come their way every day

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