Potty Training Girl Tips That Work

 Potty Training Girl Tips That Work
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Potty Training Girl Tips That Work
Looking to potty train your girl in three days? Or do you have another specific time frame in mind? Whatever your reason, these tips will help get your little one out of diapers and into the toilet quickly and smoothly. We’ll show you how to start potty training a girl that works every time, no matter what her age or personality type may be. Read on to find out more!

Get Over the Drama

If you have toddlers in your home, chances are good that potty training has become a big topic of conversation. But even though training can be an exciting step toward independence for your child, parents may feel anxious about taking on potty training themselves. There's really no reason to fret: Even if things don't go exactly as planned when you start to toilet train your toddler, you can still help her along with these tips and tricks. Whether you're preparing for potty training age 3 or trying nighttime potty training with a little one who has already had success during the day, there are many strategies that work wonders.

Start With Full Time

No matter what age your kid is, you should start with full-time training. While some people think partial potty training works better (such as keeping a diaper on for nap time or nighttime) it actually makes things harder because your child will expect to be diapered for those times. Try to keep them in a diaper less and less until they are fully trained. Nighttime potty training can be especially tricky; putting them in underwear that isn't absorbing at night may help (huggies little movers are very absorbent). Start putting them in their underwear as much as possible during their waking hours and eventually you'll be able to just put them in their underwear overnight when you think they are ready.

Use Rewards

Praise is a powerful tool. Rewarding your child when she goes in her potty can be very effective at encouraging her to go on a regular basis, particularly when she gets older and more interested in big rewards like toys and gadgets. Tell her how proud you are of her for going potty when she’s asked and use positive reinforcement to encourage her to repeat these actions over time. Keep it up! She’ll get there eventually!

Don’t Force It

Potty training is never easy, but there are some extra considerations to keep in mind if you’re training a girl. First, don’t rush it. If your daughter isn’t ready—or is terrified of soiling her underwear—it won’t happen overnight. Potty training takes patience and commitment from both parents and child. It can take months to get full-time potty-use down, so be patient with yourself and your toddler. (Good news: Diapers don't have to be part of those months.)

Keep Things Fresh

Finding out what's frustrating you is a great place to start. Learning how to train a puppy potty with any luck, you've picked up some tips on how to successfully potty train your girl. If there's one thing I've learned in my experience as an educator and a father, it's that we have to remember to keep things fresh. When she gets bored or frustrated, she'll be less likely to learn and pay attention. One of the easiest ways I've found of keeping things fresh is by changing up my methods from time-to-time.

Take Breaks When Needed

Take a break when you need one. Young children do not like to be forced into potty training. When you feel like you need a break, take one. Your child will understand and will appreciate it later on. Likewise, if your child does not seem interested in potty training after a few days or weeks of trying, give them time to change their mind before forcing them into it. You could even try giving yourself some time off from potty training and see if your child comes back to it with renewed interest! If they still aren't interested, then perhaps try something else until they are ready for potty training again. Your little one will let you know what he or she needs!

Stay Consistent

Potty training isn’t going to happen overnight, so it’s important that you remain consistent in your approach. Once every few days, take a few minutes before naptime or bedtime to remind her of your expectations. Potty training doesn’t have to be an exhausting process; if you keep these tips in mind and stick with them, you should begin to see progress within a week or two.

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