How to hack Viettel 4G bandwidth for free


How to hack Viettel 4G bandwidth for free
Currently, the tricks to hack the bandwidth of carriers in Vietnam have been around for a long time, because Viettel is about to fix it, so today I share with you a few tricks to use Viettel's free data.

How to hack Viettel 4G bandwidth for free


  • An Android/iOS phone
  • Viettel sim (0₫, or even money is fine)
  • SSH/SSL account with port 80 or 443 (because Viettel only opens those two ports)

The bugs host 0₫ of Viettel:


You can replace the hosts in the video with the hosts above. Viettel has many host bugs due to using CDN from Akamai. People can capture the host bug through Viettel's VAT services.

Viettel's Tiktok, Lien Quan, Free Fire, and Myclip background packages can be used by the following hosts:



Lien Quan package 20k/month


Free Fire package 20k/month

Synthetic free SSH/SSL/V2RAY account creation sites:

Apps used in Video

HTTP Inject

Bypasser SSL VPN:

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