AS Roma beats Juve and arrives (with a star) in the Champions League

AS Roma beats Juve and arrives (with a star) in the Champions League
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AS Roma beats Juve
Roma received and beat Juventus, at the Olímpico de Rome, by a ball to zero (1-0). The Romans, who saw Milan lose against Fiorentina, thus reach fourth place, which qualifies for the Champions League. The game was marked by the suffering of José Mourinho's team and by the enormous performance of Rui Patrício.

After a first half that was not very prominent in goal opportunities, with only a beautiful, save by Patrício standing out, the second half brought the teams looser and willing to change the scoreboard. As soon as the second half began, Mancini opened the scoring. 

The Italian center-back received it in an advanced zone and, with some space, launched a missile toward the goal defended by Szczesny.  After a goal was scored, Roma tried to close the door. Juventus was trying to take something from Olímpico, but the Portuguese man defending the Roman goal had other plans. Patrício was defending everything and, with the help of the posts, which saved Roma twice, he kept the goal closed at seven keys.

Highlight (negative) still for Moise Kean, who entered the game in the 89th minute and did not last 60 seconds on the field. Kean attacked Mancini and, without even touching the ball, ended up expelled.  Roma overtakes Milan, taking advantage of the champions' slip, and is now in a good position to qualify for next season's Champions League.

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